Once upon a time, king, Raja Khandelsen was the ruler of Kahandelgram, a part of Rajasthan, India. He was blessed with two beautiful queens, Rani Suryakuvar and Rani Indrakuvar. However, the king did not have any children, thus no one to carry his name or kingdom. He performed many pujas, yagnas and much charity to help the poor, but no avail. Finally, one day he shared his sorrow with his spiritual advisor, Maharishi Yagyavalk. Maharishi Yagyavalk told him that he was cursed from his previous life and this was the reason he was still childless.


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Maharshtra Pradesh Maheshwari Sabha, is one of the Oldest & Reputed organization of Maharashtra. It is a Registered society / Trust No. MH/350/04/F-7716 to protect the social, economical, educational and religious rights of Maheshwaris Community of Maharashtra. It Is working with social leaders, other communities and state government for the development & protection of the rights & interests of the Community as well as all citizens of Maharashtra. It helps the people who belong to the Maheshwari community stay in touch with their culture, history, language and religion. The Mahasabha also provides scholarships to needy students, conducts medical camps, workshops, job fairs and various skill development programmes. It has a network of local and State level volunteers who help in organizing various activities in the Community.

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